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For your leisure and entertainment there are a number of facilities and amenities offered by Victoria Sports Tower. There is a little bit of everything for everyone from adults to kids.

For your indoor entertainment you will find a multipurpose hall which can be used to house various gatherings. There are a number of commercial spaces in the building which will cater to your needs as residents so you don’t have to leave the building to fulfill all your needs. There is provision for a spa, a gym, an onsite restaurant and an audio video room.

On the outside you can find a 25 meter swimming pool, a jogging trail, and landscaped areas for your pleasure and a playground for the kids.

The sports complex is a main attraction for this condo development since it is the first to have a sports complex in Quezon City. There are badminton courts, a full size basketball court with hardwood flooring and a tennis court. There is also the WiFi zone area, a playground for the children and nicely landscaped area. The sports complex is complete with a 50 meter swimming pool which is Olympic sized. There is an additional Water spa and 2 kiddie pools. There is a sauna and Jacuzzi as well as a Billiard Hall. There are also courts for bowling.

As you can see you will not fall short of ways to entertain yourself when you make the Victoria Sports Tower your home. It offers the largest indoor sports club that any residential building has to offer and provides you with a complete wellness facility. With a total of six private gyms you never have to worry about the gym being too packed or your favorite equipment being in use.  This is the most advanced indoor sports complex that you will find to date.

You can get a membership to the sports club on an individual level as well as on a family level and on a corporate level as well. There are no club shares here and instead there are flexible annual membership fees. Your membership provides you with access to the sports club, the gym, the swimming pools, gymnastics area and business club area as well as the basketball court.

The sports club is designed for athletes and enthusiasts and offers everything you need for varying fitness training under one roof. Its large 180 square meter size makes it a great choice for fitness parties. With six private gyms, a Jacuzzi and steam shower you can enjoy the area even when you are not pounding it out on the treadmill or lifting weights. Yes you can use the area to recover and recuperate from your workout as well when necessary take a steam shower or enter the Jacuzzi and give those aching muscles some rest.

The sports club here at the Victoria Sports Tower is not just about exercise but it is also about wellness thanks to the day spa. There is also a sports medicine clinic in the commercial area along with a derma center and a cosmetic surgery center and clinical laboratory.

The Business Club offers you a place to host meetings and collaborate with other professionals and coworkers when you need a space outside of the workplace.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Multi Purpose Hall
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Spa
  • Jogging Trail
  • Gym
  • Play Ground
  • Landscaped Area
  • Audio Video Room
  • Provision for Restaurant
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